Maniani : « I draw a fictitious creature with the theme of a pretty world view like a picture book. »

Bonjour à tous,

J’ai fait la connaissance de l’artiste japonais Maniani. Maniani a dessiné des illustrations, des calendriers et surtout, il nous emmène dans un univers tout droit inspiré des illustrations de livres.

original art 1

– Hi Maniani, you are a japanese illustrator. Could you introduce you to us ?

Hello. I’m Maniani, I mainly draw pictures of monsters, as a free illustrator. Collectibles like calendars are not work but individual productions. This is the original characters I made.


– Fine. You have designed in particular calendars, illustrations. Tell us more about your style ?

I draw a fictitious creature with the theme of a pretty world view like a picture book.

original character 1

original character 2

– And few time ago, you worked on a representation of the zodiac signs?

12 zodiac signs

When I looked at the illustration related to « 12 constellations », I thought that few works were expressed as deformed monsters. So, I decided to express these in a new way different from other things.

– Impressive. Now you are working on a game. What is its name what is the synopsis ?

The title of the game is « journey ».

game picture 1

It was about two years ago when I announced the production of this game. It is the content that the hero (player) goes on a journey to meet friends who are far away. He will meet various characters while traveling.

I am developing this at a slow pace, so the release date is not fixed. Not only the illustration but also the events that occur in the story and the game must be considered by oneself, so development takes time. Also I am testing, playing many times so that trouble does not occur when playing games.

Also, this game is supposed to play on a PC. I am planning to release it as a free playable game that I am creating with individuals.

– Great ! And one of specificity of this game is its design, the atmosphere you have created ?

game picture 2

Characters and illustrations that appear in this game, graphics of maps… It is all original.
I am creating not only illustration but also pixel art. (The font displayed in the game, BGM is not original.)

– How have you had the idea to create the game ?
I expressed the fictional world I thought I want to go in the form of a game. That is one reason why I develop this game.


– What are your sources of inspiration ? How have you had the idea to create this game ?
When I was a child, I am thinking about characters based on picture books I like and my favourite animals.

It is also affected by games where many monsters appear. Works that I was particularly affected are « Kirby » and « Animal Crossing ». I like cute characters that appear in these games. Also, I am referring not only to characters but also the beautiful graphics of the stage.

– Fine, it has been very interesting to talk with you. Thank you for this interview !
Thank you, too ! I had a great time.

original art 2


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