Gonzalo Alvarez: “Growing up I was told stories about La Llorona and El Raton and they were just such a huge part of my life“


J’ai fait sur Twitter la connaissance de Gonzalo Alvarez. J’aime beaucoup son univers graphique. Aussi je l’ai interviewé pour qu’il nous présente son travail 🙂


– Hi Gonzalo Alvarez, you are a mexican-american artist. Please introduce you to us.

Hello everyone, I’ve been working on my Bachelors in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Drawing at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX while living in Port Arthur, TX my entire life. Most of my comic and video game work has been self taught as my school does not have any classes for what I’m interested in.tumblr_inline_os5rc2hMbh1v02lts_1280


“ Did a study of a panel from the Berserk manga created by Kentaro Miura. Best. manga art. ever. #illustration #berserk#Drawingoftheday”

– Fine, and what is your professionnal project ?

Currently I am working on two professional projects, a Mexican fantasy adventure comic, The Legend of Polloman and a prehistoric hunting game, Paleo Hunter.


– Good. Now let’s talk about your work ! And first of all, let’s talk about the Legend of Polloman. It’s a comic. What is the synopsis ?

The Legend of Polloman is a Mexican Fantasy Adventure about a cowardly Mexican boy and his magic roach companion who must conquer childhood fears, travel mystical lands, and discover powerful marbles to defeat Latin american folktale creatures.

– Why having created this comic ?

Growing up I was told stories about La Llorona, the weeping ghost women, and El Raton, the mexican tooth fairy who happens to be a rat, and they were just such a huge part of my life.


Many people don’t know about these stories that have been passed down for generations and or our current generation is forgetting about them, and I want to create something that will allow them to not only live on, but to be seen by those who may have never heard of them.

– Ok, you have designed a very funny environment with big and ridiculous creatures. How will you describe it ?

I have this odd taste where I love comedy and at the same time I love creepy things much like the cartoon show, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

I really want to just have fun designing creatures and areas that are puns or exaggerated version of the stories I was told as a kid. Really, I designed the world to be a sandbox for me to just have fun and create big gross creatures as well as cute ones since I’m a sucker for creature design.

– What are you sources of inspirations for your works ?

My sources of inspiration really comes from my own childhood, both the good and the bad. I was bullied alot and was obsessed with games and so its why the main character Emanuel, goes through much of the same feelings and experiences I had growing up, but in a fantastical setting.

Also watching cartoons such as Courage the Cowardly Dog, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the Dark Souls and Berserk series all really inspired the world I created. If you look up El Chavo del Locho, or El Chapulin Colorado, two Mexican comedy sitcoms, you may find some similarities in Polloman’s attire.



– We find again this inspiration in another of your work, the serie Boss Monster. What does it deal with ?


Boss Monster was my first attempt at creating a dark fantasy world and it was focused on designing creatures that could be the end boss of a videogame. I really wanted to push myself in creating the nastiest creatures I could and was primarily influenced from my obsession with boss creatures in games such as Dark Souls and other dark fantasy genres.

Through this project I not only improved my technical skills but I learned a lot that has translated over to my current art style and projects.


– Fine. it was a pleasure to talk with you. 

Thank you a lot


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