“For Courage, we wanted to make an homage to the horror movies of the 80’s and 90’s that we loved watching”

Aujourd’hui, j’ai envie de vous parler d’un jeu vidéo en préparation sur support mobile. C’est un jeu d’horreur et d’action inspiré par d’anciens films. Ce jeu a servi de source d’inspiration lorsque j’ai préparé la nouvelle “Ce que vous dites me touche”, particulièrement l’amosphère du jeu.

J’ai convié ses développeurs à venir en discuter.


– Hi Rick Braun and Nick Williamson ! You are the co-founders of Whiplash Digital, an american indie game studio founded in 2014. Please introduce us to you.

My name is Nick Williamson. I’ve been a lifelong gamer and a life long friend of Rick’s.  We decided to make some games in our free time and we’re having fun.

I’m Rick Braun and gaming has been a passion of mine for a really long time. It’s really been a blast making our games. We love making games as much as we love playing them.

– Fine ! What are you last actualities ?

Our big news is that our new game Courage won Players Choice for upcoming game of the year on ModDB. This has been such an honor for us. People have really responded well to all the footage we’ve been posting and we hope everyone loves playing it when it releases in the next few weeks.

– We are here to talk about Courage, a mobile game coming soon on iOs and Android. This game has been rewarded as best upcoming apps on 2016 by Moddb. Let’s see the trailer of the game :

– What is the synopsis of this game ?

Courage is about Tracey, a little girl who’s mother is abducted to an evil place called The Empty. In The Empty, Tracey will have to fight through hordes of monsters to rescue her. Courage is a story based, one touch action game that is a mix of an endless runner and an arcade game. It’s a horror themed, easy to play and has a cool little story with a unique look.

– Interesting ! How have you had the idea to create this game ?

It came from our love of all things horror. We thought using a flashlight to kill monsters would be a fun mechanic.

We love horror movies and games, with our first game, The Attuned, had a spooky cartoonish aesthetic that was “light horror. »


For Courage, we wanted to make an homage to the horror movies of the 80’s and 90’s that we loved watching. These were a lot of creature features that had the coolest looking monsters. We’ve always been huge fans of monster movies. It was a real dream to create a world where we got to create the creatures.

– The star of the game is a young girl evolving in an horrific environment. The graphism of this game is a source of inspiration for my personal work. It is about enormous creatures, fantastic environment. Tell us more about that.


Sources of inspiration are from the movies we watched as kids. You can’t beat the old school practical monster effects from back in the day. When designing the world of Courage we looked to our favorite movies as inspiration. We also looked to the things that scared us as children. I had a ventriloquist doll when I was a kid. It creeped nick out so much that I had to put it away when he’d come over. That doll was the inspiration for the puppeteer boss in Courage. The original idea for « Dolly” the puppeteer boss was much more gruesome. The concept art for the character was so well received by fans that we kept it the way it was. Fan feedback is so important to us. We wanted to keep a very creepy but surreal theme.  The monsters aren’t straight rip offs or anything, they are all unique. They’re inspired by the monsters we grew up watching.

We still love retro gaming. The gameplay for Courage was inspired by “Dick Tracey” for the Sega Genesis. We love the tommy gun shooting mechanic. It’s still so much fun to play. It was only a feature in Dick Tracey, so we said let’s use that as the main game mechanic. Courage also featured a lot more controls at first but our motto is “keep it simple” so we stuck to the one-touch shooting mechanic.


– What are your source of inspiration for this game ? 


It is always very fascinating to discuss about the artistical context ! Our original vision was to create the visuals of a creepy pop-up book, but it started to sway towards the retro horror movies that inspired us from the beginning.  Our posters for Courage are heavily inspired by the posters for the movies we loved. We wanted to make a creature feature that was also accessible to younger players. The gore was toned down a lot from the original vision. Most of the horror is in the story text between levels now.

– It seems your work may be inspired by retro games. What do this kind of games bring to you nowadays ?

(Nick)These days I’ll try anything – from the smallest mobile game to the largest AAA game.  Currently playing the new Zelda and Stardew Valley.

(Rick) I’m addicted to Vain Glory on iOS and Injustice 2 right now. I’m primarily a PlayStation fanboy. Naughty Dog is a huge inspiration for me in how they’ve seamlessly blended movies and gaming to such a perfect product. I’m really looking forward to “The Last of Us 2.”

– And what’s your favourite creature ?

(Rick) My favorite creature in the game [Courage] is definitely the “Snippers.” They are the creatures that Tracey must jump over on the stairs. The look of them is so scary and they have a great balance of mechanical and organic horror.

(Nick) The Hag is my favorite boss.

– It was very interesting to discuss with you. Thank you a lot and good luck for your game !

Thank you very much!!! We hope you enjoy playing Courage when it releases on iOS and android in the next few weeks!


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